The fourth edition of MACE MUN

Over the past three years, Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam, in association with the student-run College Newsletter, THE MACE POST, has been organising the MACE Model United Nations (MACE MUN) Conference, giving participants a chance to buckle up, blend in the hustle amidst the cut-throat debating, lobbying, showcasing leadership skills and solving Crises, alongside embracing the diplomats within.

We are back this time with the much awaited Fourth Edition, MACE MUN 2017, aimed to scale higher and amalgamating a perfect blend of diplomacy, debating and display of leadership skills at its finesse. Join us on February 17, 18 & 19 as we Apprehend, Acknowledge and Accord at MACE.

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About MUN

Model United Nations, or more popularly known as MUN, is the coming together of an incredibly diverse group of students from schools and colleges of all trades to discuss, debate and ponder over the pressing issues faced by the world. One could perhaps even call it as an experimental learning program which helps students to grasp a better understanding of the inner working of the United Nations and is unarguably an apt venue to hone their skills in diplomacy, critical thinking, lobbying, public speaking, writing and research.
MUNs are a simulation of the United Nations which allows the participants to take the role of a country's representative (referred to as Delegate) and to put that country's views and ideas in front of other delegates. The conferences attempt to emulate the UN proceedings and the participants can either be delegates in UN committees such as the Disarmament and International Security committee (DISEC), Security Council (SC), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) etc. or a part of the International Press (I.P). The participants are presented with their task in advance, along with an agenda that the committee will conduct deliberation over. Delegates are required to conduct detailed research and formulate positions that they will debate with the fellow delegates in the committee all the while continuing to adhere to the domestic as well as foreign policies of their respective countries. The event also provides the participants a chance to socialise and improve their networking skills which are of utmost importance. At the end of the conference a resolution is drafted which is once again put forward for scrupulous analysis, debate and modification.
From the saying “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change the world”, it is affirmative that MUNs are without a doubt, a game changer with many either discovering their passion or effectively using this as a means to wipe away their stage fright and shyness to speak out their mind to create and project a cool and calm individual with well collected thoughts who has the remarkable capability of expressing without hindrance.

About MACE

Established in 1961, Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (Kerala,India), an institution of global repute and one of the oldest centers of technical learning in the state has been instrumental in nurturing the dreams and ambitions of some of the brightest young minds in India.
The college was first engineering college in Asia under Christian Management. The college is aided by the Government of Kerala and affiliated to Kerala Technological University. The programs of the institution are crafted to endure in an ever changing world. A plethora of curricular and extra-curricular activities allow the students to develop their individual skill-set on their way to holistic progress. The institution also encourages entrepreneurial qualities and management skills through an array of events, concepts and festivals through the calendar year. Mar Athanasius College of Engineering prides itself in producing well-rounded graduates that are capable of maintaining standards that commensurate with the demands of the modern industry.



United Nations General Assembly
The Disarmament and International Security Committee

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The United Nations Security Council (Historic)

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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